Fight. Flight. Bite.

So this is me.

This picture would be an example of how I would normally identify, as strong or a fighter. I believe in determination and being intentional but after my most recent and most life altering health occurrence a good portion of my personal strength was deflated. I had to come to grips with my fear. I was afraid because I had to wait and moreover there was nothing I could do to fix it quickly. Everything required time and patience. I willingly admit, if it’s not a soufflé or cheesecake I have a very difficult time being patient. I’m willing to bet I am not the only person this has happened to. Anyone living with diabetes, heart conditions, or celiac has endured the initial shock and the process of changing habits, especially their diet, after a diagnosis. It can be a very trying process.

At first, I had no idea what to do with myself so I was extremely angry. I quickly realized I still have a business to run and none of my customers need to experience my frustration, so it is in my best interest to find a better way to use my anger. I turned that anger into a cake. In a very literal way I turned a sour situation into something sweet and by doing so I was remind of what fear is and how we can use it to motivate us instead of inhibiting us.

Langston Blues cake image by Hiddenexposurephotography

In the first photo of me, I’m lifting 10lb. weights. I know, that is not a lot of weight, but I had never lifted 10lb. before because I had a shoulder injury years ago that I had been trying to avoid aggravating. For more than six years I followed the exercises my doctor told me to do to strengthen the muscles in my arm and I lifted very light weights. On Wednesday I finally discovered I could lift 10lb. Why hadn’t I tried heavier weights before? Fear. I find some of my customers feel the same way before they try our products. This is an example of a conversation I have often:

Person: “You know I don’t really understand all of these new diets. What is vegan? What is gluten-free? Why does it matter? And does it really taste good? I doubt it.”

Me: “Well, would you like to try something while we chat?”

Person: “I guess. Can I have that chocolate torte.”

Me: “Of course. Now, all of the different diets are ways for different people to live as healthy as they possibly can and or make better choices for the Earth. Some people can’t have wheat, others can’t have any animal products and others need to keep their sugar intake down. What all of the diets agree on is that vegetables are good for you. Would you like to try a piece of mahogany cake?”

Person: “Sure. This chocolate torte is good.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Person: “But back to our conversation, I like some vegetables, but I couldn’t live off of just vegetables. There’s so much missing when you eat just vegetables and besides, you can only cook vegetables so many ways before it gets boring.”

Me: “I feel differently. For example, in the last ten minutes you have eat two vegetables, a handful of seeds and no dairy. Except for the eggs in the Mahogany cake you have eaten mostly plants.”

Person: “Wait….what do you mean? The chocolate torte is chocolate so it has milk in it and you can’t make that without eggs and cream….can you?”

Me: “You can and we do. We use cauliflower and coconut milk. That torte is completely plant based, and this Mahogany cake is mostly beets.”

Person: “What???”

Me: “There are lots of ways to cook vegetables you just have to be open to trying them, and now you have.”

Sometimes we don’t try new things because we had bad experiences in the past. Trust me I’ve had some gluten-free desserts that I would have loved to return. Then there are times we just don’t try things because we’re afraid of the unknown, like 10lb. weights. Don’t allow your fear of something unknown to you prevent you from experiencing a sweeter side of life. We’ve got you covered.

Mahogany cake

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