New Year. New Rules.

It’s been a long time…I shouldn’t have left you…without a nice treat to snack to. LOL

Alright everyone, it has been a while because I had to reinvest the focus on food and health instead of my personal health journey. There will be times where I mention my own journey, but this is about all of us. This is just as much about your journey with food and health as it is about how Mahogany Sweets wants to support you in achieving that goal. But speaking of all of us, I want to talk about a subject very close to my heart. At Mahogany we make food for every body.

Yes, I meant for that to be two separate words because we need to talk about our bodies and all the different types of bodies there are in life. Our goal at Mahogany Sweets is to keep you healthy even during dessert but it is not our goal nor do we expect everyone to be skinny. The idea that health equates slim/skinny as the ONLY option is a myth. This concept is a widely accepted rumor that I want to dispel. There are so many people living healthy lives with varying body types, it just so happens the type we see most often is slim. Slim is not the only version of healthy and for some of us slim is not the healthiest version of ourselves. There are many contributing factors to what composes a human body to include geography, culture, lifestyle, climate, gender, genetics, etc. It would be in all of our best interest to think of bodies in the same way we think of different countries. Most people who travel are willing to accept cultural differences, different terrain and even different social formalities when they visit another country, we can view people the same way. Every body has it’s own context that a lot of us know nothing about so holding onto stagnant myths about how we should look or what healthy looks like is irrelevant. We can give each other the freedom to exist, just as we are, without assessment and judgment just as we would while visiting a country that is not our own. Likewise, we can feel free to let go of those myths of what the body should be to be healthy for ourselves.

We want to encourage each of you to become familiar with the Earth around you. Find out what grows in your city and state and taste the food closest to you, become familiar with it.

Then if you choose, try new things, visit small food businesses (shameless small business plug here), restaurants and grocery stores. Buy good food that your body likes, which is very important. Outside of dietary restrictions there are foods our bodies like and some that don’t agree with us. Find out what your body likes and how the food affects you. Investigate food and invest in your food and if you find that you would prefer someone else to dedicate their time and energy to making sure the food is healthy and delicious, feel free to support those businesses, like Mahogany Sweets. We are committed to giving our customers the best and even making it better to support your health. We want you to know you have the power to support your own health when you eat and maintain a healthy and happy life without any myths. Food is for our bodies to enjoy and to sustain us, even during dessert. That’s why we’re here.

Local apple muffins/Fall-Winter flavor

But just so you know our customers have requested more savory baked goods or sugar free items and we are HAPPY to oblige!

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