Wholesale Bakery

Our wholesale bakery is here to serve RVA's growing food scene. We serve an exclusive menu of cakes, pastries , pies, danish and cookies.  

Quality control is a priority and our products not only taste and look good, but they have an amazing shelf life so you have minimal waste.

Opening a new business? Call us at (804) 225-8800 to set up an appointment.


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Your business is an extension of ours and we will make sure that our products keep your customers returning.

Our decadent Mocha Chocolate Torte

Wholesale Menu

Pecan Sandies (GF & V)

Ground pecan shortbread cookies perfect for tea and as a sweet snack. (This item contains nuts.)

Coconut Cookies (GF & V)

Toasted coconut shortbread cookies with layers of sweet flavor.

Seven Spice Cookies (GF & V)

Our sweet and spicy soft baked cookies.

Seasonal Muffins (GF & V)

Either apple cinnamon, pumpkin spice, peach basil, jalepeno raspberry or a new combination involving seasonal ingredients at their peak of flavor.

Cheesecake (GF & V)

A decadent and dense cheesecake base with an assortment of flavor additions.

Chocolate Chess Tart (GF & V)

Smooth, creamy chocolate filling in our traditional tart crust.

Coconut Creme Tart (GF & V)

A southern tradition, full of shredded coconut and creamy coconut milk.

Lemon Chess Tart (GF & V)

A sweet and tangy lemon cream filled pie with a silky finish.

V.A. Granola (Vanilla and Virginia Apple Granola) (GF & V)

A gentle blend of vanilla and local apples make this gently sweetened granola the perfect snack.

Ginger Snap Granola (GF & V)

A spicy, sweet and crunchy oat treat good for breakfast or any time!

Grain Free Bites (GF & V)

Housemade almond meal with cacao and tart cherries. (This item contains nuts.)

Mahogany Cake (GF)

The best red velvet cake you've ever had with a secret ingredient that your body will love! This cake is finished with a cinnamon crumble on top. (This product contains eggs)

Mocha Chocolate Torte (GF & V)

An indulgent and creamy torte with a combination of rich coffee and deep chocolate flavors.

Oat Bites (GF & V)

Whole and ground oats with cacao, chia, and sunflower seeds. (This item is nut free)

Oatmeal Bread (GF & V)

Our housemade oat meal with additional flours combine to make the best gluten-free sandwich bread you've ever tasted.

Pecan Sandies (GF & V)

Ground pecan shortbread cookies perfect for tea and as a sweet snack. (This item contains nuts.)

Vegetable Quiche (GF & V)

Silky vegan cream filled quiche with seasonal vegetables.

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